Are you a christian writer? Do you want to use your illustration for the Glory of God? Then we want to hear from you!


As with any publisher we are looking for high quality, edited manuscripts that speak the Good News of Jesus Christ clearly.

In addition to submissions being clearly Christian we are specifically looking for:

  • Pre-teen & teen short novels in the areas of action & adventure preferably with  a developed series plan.
  • Creative children’s stories that read really easy, often with high quality rhyming rhythms.
  • Allegorical writings are also accepted as long as there is a clear explanation that points to Christ.
  • Theological manuscripts that are specifically designed for teens & children.
  • ‘Normal, everyday’ books that are redesigned to daily impact the readers for Christ. Example: A cookbook that is so unique it inspires the reader to inspire their family to be more focused on Christ through food.

We are not interested in books that fit any of these:

  • ‘Almost’ Christian or ‘nice’ morals.
  • Non-Christian.
  • First Draft/Unedited.
  • Debates or argumentative writings.
  • Proposals to write a book. (Unless you write children’s books and already have an illustrator working with you)

If you have a manuscript that adheres to these standards please write us through this contact form including:

  • Title
  • 300 word description or plot of the book
  • Your qualifications to be writing this book.

We will contact you for more information if we are intrigued with your submission.


Most people don’t realize that illustrating is just as difficult and may be even more influential when it comes to children’s books. If you are an illustrator looking to share your talent for the Glory of God, we want to hear from you.

Please use the form below to initiate contact and include a link to some examples of your work. We will review and get back to you if your work fits our needs. Please be patient as it may take some time before your style fits one of our publication needs.